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    my pre plus still has the "oreo twist" like the original cdma pre, has this happened to anyone else?

    ps mine was only purchased last week
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    How much of a twist? It is normal to develop a little with a slider phone. The oreo is actually considered a very pronounced twist, not a small one of only 1 to 2mms.
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    Its a noticeable twist
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    Mine never left . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by furygoalbrtis39 View Post
    Its a noticeable twist
    Anything noticeable when being notice. I don't notice mine. Maybe that's why I've never notice it. ^_^
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    Most people do notice it when they slide their phones open. If it's that significant, then contact Palm or your carrier for return/replacement.
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    mine is ok on my att pre plus. i think the oreo twist maybe just over rated. i must be biased because i either dont have it or dont really care
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    A lot of people do think they have it, not realizing that some slight movement is normal.

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    some slight movement is normal.

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