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    Hello everyone

    Iīd like to install the Advanced Launcher patch, but I have another launcher patch installed and I canīt remove it since it doesnīt appear in my installed items list in Preware.... I know I have that patch installed because I remember I did install it and because Iīm using 4 pages in my launcher

    Is there some way to find this patch and uninstall?

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    You could run (EPR) Emergency Patch Recovery, will remove all f your patches or you can use WebOS Repair Utility to remove it.
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    It is possible that you do not in fact have it installed. Removing a patch that allows you to add launcher pages leaves the pages you created in place. Have you tried to install the new patch? I in fact installed the Advanced Config for Launcher with multiple pages on my phone.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yes, trying to install it doesn't hurt anything. If there's a conflict, because the other patch is installed, it will just fail and give you an error.
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    Installed the new patch and it works perfectly. Thanks for the help guys, and to the devs for such a great patch

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