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    Sent my phone for repairs through Radio Shack's service plan. Phone has had a lot of hardware issues. Blown speaker, almost 100% always getting stuck in headphone mode, proximity sensor not working, keyboard issues, power button issues, the list goes on.

    Overall, my experience with their service plan is great. Their CS seems to be very helpful in any way they can. And the process is quick and fast. They actually offered to send me a new phone, but I opt not to because I didn't want them to charge my CC and it could be there for as long as 1-2 billing statements. That's 10-15 bucks interest. $15 worth of burgers there! Also, I really would have preferred to get a gift card so I can get a new phone. I have ask them to note that gift card instead of a replacement, but we'll see how that goes.

    But for those that may consider this plan for the future. This is exactly like the manufacturers warranty. If you abuse the phone it will not be covered. Cracked screen and etc. I had a chip and luckily the Radio Shack manager explained to them it was not a cracked screen and was able to get it repaired. I guess I should have read the fine print. But anyways, would I get this plan again? That would be a No. I'd rather get Sprint's repair plan. It has the $100 deductible, but cracked/lost/broken phones can still be covered. I personally would more likely to break my phone than the phone have hardware issues.

    Btw, I Love WebOS, but as a business phone and knowing I'll get the same issues with the replacement, I would rather get a different phone. It was so annoying when it gets stuck in headphone mode and trying to answer a call...

    Also, some other random weird things i noticed with my pre...

    When I sent it in the first time, they fixed most of the issues. But it also gave me a new problem. When I charge the phone or plug in a headphone, the phone will 100% of the time lock-up. Touchscreen becomes unresponsive, though the keyboard still works. And I will get the TMC (when I have none open). I think there is a memory leak or something, because that will pop up after awhile and probably is the reason why it is locking up. So I have sent it back in for repairs and haven't heard back from them yet.

    There was a couple other odd things I noticed too. Current firmware version is I think. When you open up the launcher and lists all the apps/sprint services/etc. You would have to swipe left/right for the 3 pages, right? Well for some reason, mine lost that function. Instead I have to swipe it up/down like an android phone. All of the apps were all mixed all over the place. Anyone every experienced this issue? It was fine before I sent it to them.
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    Would the gift card be for the full amount you paid for the phone or what they would evaluate the phone to be worth?
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    According to what it says on their service plan brochure, it shows they will give me full amount that I paid for the phone. When the Radio Shack manager asked for clarification on the gift card, from what I heard, it seems like they would rather send me a replacement phone than the gift card. Unless the phone is discontinued and they can't provide me with the same phone. Then they will either replace with a similar phone or gift card. Though, I would think a $200 gift card is cheaper than replacing the phone itself. And The gift card is only redeemable at Radio Shack.

    Also, if you opt out not to have them send you a replacement phone, like I did, they would more than likely repair the phone, than replacing it. IIRC I thnk if they have to repair the phone 3 times, I would end up with a new phone. Either way, I'm just hoping I get a gift card instead.
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    It sounds like all of your apps loaded in the first page of the launcher. You will need to move the apps you wish to the second or third pages by touching and holding an app icon until it highlights, then drag it to where you want it. You can use this same method to move app icons around on a page.
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