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    so I was driving today for about 2 hours listening to a podcast via podcaster. When I got it I noticed my phone won't work. The other end can hear me *sometimes* but I can't hear them. I'm oosting this from my pre so my data works, and I can text, but calls won't work.

    I know there has been an issue with the headphone jack, and I think my problem is related to that. My phone was really hot when I unplugged it so maybe that has to do with it too. I already tried pulling the battery and that didn't help.

    I ran epr in case I need to take it into verizon. Hopefully it'll fix itself before tomorrow though.
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    i literally just posted about the same problem. inserting and removing a headphone chord multiple times fixed it for me. give it a shot.

    i played music in the player to test if it worked or not. if working, when you pull the chord the music should pause
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    I'll have to try that. I'd give you a thanks but I'm on the mobile site.

    Also worth noting, my proximity sensor is broken.
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    exactly my situation, proximity sensor and all
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    Could be the stuck in headphone mode problem, or could be a hardware problem. Start testing other things. I used the Ghastly Headset and some other tests on mine to confirm that in my phone, the headset speaker was actually broken.

    So then your options become replacement (insurance or buying used, or buying new if you like) or, depending on how savy you are, doing a repair.

    When my Sprint Pre's speaker broke, I bought a Verizon Pre Plus for a good price and did the comm board swap to get a fully-functional Pre Plus on Sprint for a good price. But replacing the speaker could be an option too.

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