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    So I got a new Pre a couple weeks ago after my first one got stuck in headset mode and Sprint couldn't get it out. I don't use email that much on my Pre as I like to keep everything on my computer, but there are obviously time I need it. I was trying to send an email the other day and it kept giving me an error message saying email application alert, error sending. I can receive messages fine and I check to make sure all my information was correct. Anybody have a suggestion as to what could be the problem?
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    We can take a look if you post your email setting for us. What email service are you using (gmail, yahoo, etc)?
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    Cox: my outgoing mail serve is set correct, using authentification, no encryption, port #25.
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    This will sometimes happen if you have a corrupt email, you have to find it and get rid of it.

    Yahoo emails from someone frequently do this.
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