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    Hi srelysian,

    The paid apps are tied to your Palm account's email address. As long as you sign in on the new device with the same email address, your apps will transfer over. In the case where you may have purchased a 'Pixi-only' app, it simply won't run (probably won't install either). Tweed and Angry Birds should should install automatically onto the new device after you sign in on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirk0625 View Post
    You'll be paying again, i can tell you that from experience. I had to pay for Angry Birds twice, which I wasn't happy with, but i still think it was worth it. But, if the version for pre and pixi are the exact same, then you wont have to pay again.

    Update: After having my Pre for 2 weeks, I love it to death, but i dropped it and the mic blew out. Luckily i got it fixed for free. Be careful with your new pre!
    Well I got my pre today, and you were correct. A few of my apps, when I went to re-install them said "download for free" because I had already paid for them while Angry Birds, and Need For Speed required me to pay again. I chose not to pay for NFS right now as it is quite overpriced and I don't have the cash to re-buy it again. Especially since I needed to buy a touchstone cover to go with my pre! Angry Birds .... I had to pay again, because I love that game, and for the price how can you complain.

    Anyway, thanks for responding!
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