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    I am a Sprint Pre user and love the WebOS. I am usually silent on these forums but believe me I read all the new s and I have been very excited by WebOS 2.0 and the possibility of new hardware.

    My problem is that my Pre has just broken. Any movement in the slider causes the speaker to crackle and I cannot hear who I am talking to. They also cannot hear me. I do not have a warranty or repair plan. It looks like my choices are this:

    - Buy a new Pre (I am eligible for an upgrade).
    - Hold onto the broken one until it really dies hoping some WebOS hardware will come out within two months (the likelihood of this is looking dismal now I admit).
    - Buy an EVO or Epic, use it and jump back in one year... missing out on all the good WebOS stuff.

    Anyone have any thoughts or recommendation on what you would do? I'm having a hard time deciding. Help out a WebOS user please.

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    Have you had the Pre over a year? If not you could/should be covered under the MFG warranty.

    Assuming that doesn't pan out for you and you are happy with the Pre....take it to the Sprint Repair Center and see what they can do for you first. If that fails or repair cost is astronomical you could buy a used Pre (insure clean ESN).
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    I have had the Pre over a year. I purchased it when it was released. It is a good idea to see what a repair might cost first. Thanks.
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    I would buy an EVO/EPIC then jump back to webOS next year assuming it's compelling enough.

    At least that's what I plan on doing once my Pre dies, which I believe will be soon.
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    You can buy another Pre for about $100 on Ebay or here in the Marketplace. This way you won't lose your upgrade price if Palm does release another phone.
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    Buy yourself a Pre Plus off ebay or craigslist and use your phone's com board to use it on your existing line.
    No point in getting another pre minus if you want to stick with webOS. Otherwise, Evo or Epic are excellent alternatives.
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    I worked sprint Tech support b4 for over a year and there are a couple of things that some customers would do to avoid contract renewal or buying another device.

    1) They would wait until "open TEP (warranty) season" which happens about 10 times a year where those who are not paying for $7 warranty have a month to get TEP without having to renew their contract or get a different phone. So you could ask your sprint tech rep if they are in open TEP "season"

    2) If they had an old Sprint device, that was available and not locked to another account, they'd swap that onto the account then call back a few minutes later to put the phone that they wish to add TEP to on the account and then add the TEP.

    Hope that info helps out a little
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    glue the keyboard open and have a prototype for the pixi++

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