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    Skip the factory navigation. $2k for a factory system is a rip off. You can buy a portable GPS for $200 or less or use the GPS directions on the Pre. Once the car is out of warranty, if anything happens to the factory GPS it will be an expensive fix. It will also seem dated by the time the car is 5-7 years old if you plan on keeping it that long. (And most do now that cars are getting more expensive and they keep pushing longer and longer financing) There are a lot of other nice options you could spend the $2k on instead, or just save your money.
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    Save your money for the webOS tablet, I have been using a TS/Sprint Nav now for almost a year now and the Nav has never failed me.
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    I would, tbh. My aunt has a Garmin, and it's really tiny. It plugs up to a dock on her dashboard and I didn't particularly like the way it worked when I went with her on a trip. Whereas on my car, the nav is touchscreen, has a bigger screen, comes with a DVD player (that I don't really use, but whatever, it's there), you can have it show nearby restaurants pretty easily, and it comes with a great radio (full equalizer with boost and surround sound effects) and awesome speakers.I wouldn't really call it integrated though, it's just a separate GPS system that was installed after the car was bought. It definitely didn't cost $2000, lol. The only thing I don't really like about it is I wish it had bluetooth (but I have a separate car handset for that) and I could send addresses from the Pre to the GPS. I tend to search for things on the Pre first with the YP mobile app before I leave home.
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    I've got a factory installed nav system in my prius. The nav software is pretty awful but it gets the job done. Also the way it integrates with my radio and bluetooth is convenient.

    but... you could get away with just using your phone for navigation.
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    Ohhh one other thing I forgot to mention considering and I didn't see anyone say it specifically. Unless you are going to use the Pre w/ Aux connector/BT to not only do your nav but do whatever other audio you want, you won't be able to hear your nav directions and play other audio. Just something else to consider, a factory or aftermarket deck integrates your nav seamlessly into whatever else you are listening too (even if it is BT audio from the Pre), the deck will be able to mute/drop the volume of your audio source when you are getting audible directions.
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    LOL so many conflicting results here. The Nav system in my truck is awesome. I love it. The UI is perfect and touch screen works wonderful. No phone or standalone can replace it. I even have a tom tom for another car and it sucks using it after using my truck. I paid $1500 and the whole stereo was upgraded to a 9 speaker bose system with a sub in my back wall. Im sure the $2000 nav upgrade he is talking about is more than just the nav unit. I use trapster on the pre while listening to the radio and navigation. When the pre alerts or the nav alerts the radio will auto mute for it like the guy above said. It also does this for phone calls and stuff.
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    Why spend 2k on something the Pre does very well? I agree if you want a backup get a stand alone one, if you can wait for Black Tuesday, you can really score a good sale on quality GPS's.
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    if you think it does it well you dont have the oem navigation. lol. My pre wont even get a gps signal lot of times here in NY cause of buildings I guess. My car will track me with other sensors. My truck is so much better I cant even explain it. Pretty much everything the pre does my truck does way better lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    Gezzz...Navit maps anyone? Lol...I don't know where to get them.
    You can find the maps at WebOS Internals.
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    I drive an 06 civic and I'd definitely spring for the Nav. My TomTom always feels so unnatural in the car. The dash on the civics are so weird.
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    For $2K I hope the Nav upgrade will include an upgrade to your stereo along with bluetooth and an auxiliary audio input. If it does, then it makes it a little easier to swallow. It's hard to beat convenience and good, clean integration.

    That being said, a $2K markup on a Civic IS a big deal. If you value integration/convenience and you have $2K burning a whole in your pocket, then go for it. As someone mentioned before, $2K spread out over 60 months isn't that bad, but it's still $33 monthly.

    If you would rather save money, then do what I do: use the auxiliary input and a bluetooth speakerphone. I would recommend that you upgrade the factory stereo to include the auxiliary input; unless that comes standard (bonus if it includes bluetooth!). That way you can enjoy the convenience and good clean integration that comes within your Pre. Listening to Pandora while using Sprint Nav is awesome. You don't have to worry about getting map updates with Sprint Nav (they're included). I have Navit as a backup. The speakerphone that I use is a Parrot Minikit Slim. It syncs with my contacts and uses voice commands (I'm still waiting Palm...). So when I have an incoming call, I just answer it and Pandora/Nav goes mute during the call. I hang-up and Pandora/Nav resumes. A bluetooth headset works just as well, although there's only one that I know-of that has voice command capability. I chose the speakerphone for comfort. I shouldn't have to mention that you'll need a car-charger.

    If you're into patching, then I would also recommend ebag333's mod.

    If you have a Verizon Pre, then my recommendation goes out the window. Look into getting a good standalone unit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    Why spend 2k on something the Pre does very well? I agree if you want a backup get a stand alone one, if you can wait for Black Tuesday, you can really score a good sale on quality GPS's.
    Just to clarify that would be black THURSDAY I am thinking you are referring to.

    Also another thought for those suggesting standalone, in a lot of states it is becoming illegal to use mounts that block the windshield. With that said, as another user said, Civic (and many other car dashes) don't lend themselves well to other types of mounts. Once again, just something to consider.
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    I don't find Sprint Navigation on the Palm Pre is reliable enough. I find I follow the directions exactly as instructed yet it constantly comes back "finding a new route" - very annoying!

    It's OK in a bind but can't compare to a real GPS or navigation system.
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