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    <Sighs/>. Thanks guys! As much as I want to start tearing it up w/ patching, I can see it makes sense to get a "baseline" impression first -and certainly not risk my 30 day window untill I'm "ready to commit". Lets see how long I can resist the call of the dark side.

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    At long last, the Fed Ex box is here! Time to scurry away into the man cave and unbox... See you on the other side..
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    Please don't use the phone at all. You will never switch back to something else. This operating system has to be forbidden. You will get addicted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosgarage57 View Post
    DD, I am doing the exact same thing today! Dont mean to threadjack at all. Signing a 1 yr, so im pretty stoaked. Really only reason im going with the pre + is because 1) Free hotspot, gets rid of the 5gb mobile broadband and 2) this great community with amazing help. So thank you guys in advance.
    hehe i also will be doing this this weekend. but I will stay at the store until i get a device with a functioning keyboard lol
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    Time to add some balance to this discussion, to give you a few more things to think about.

    1. Step #1 on getting any phone should not be "put the phone into developer mode, load up a custom kernel, and patch the hell out of it". You know something is wrong when that is the case.

    2. The battery life on these phones is horrible, even more horrible when you decide to overclock. Want to make it worse? Use mobile hotspot with the phone unplugged. Keep the phone plugged when you're on the hotspot or you're regret it.

    3. When you patch the phone, you must remember to come back to the forums and do some reading when new patches come out. This obviously isn't a "set it and forget it" type deal.

    4. Think of developer support. How eager are developers willing to write for WebOS? What about other OSes? Multi-tasking and window management on this phone is amazing and it's intuitive and efficient to use, but also think of what apps are available for you to use, because that is what determines the phone's real functionality. Does it meet your needs with what's available?

    5. The hardware quality is not something to write home about. There are people who come in saying they've had no problems at all with their launch day Pre, but from the impression I get, they are in the minority. Do a forum search.

    Good luck.
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    I agree with most of the other with what they have said. Just remember to wear a helmut when you start enjoying the pre.. so your brains will stay close to your head when it blows your mind...
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    <DD looks up from the mancave</>
    Some quick thoughts so far..

    1) Fairly easy to set up.
    15 minutes after I activated, I got a call and an email from work. Voice quality seems "ok". Tested the keys several times, no obvious failures. (I'm feeling for those who are suffering with bad keys on a new phone). Although the lack of give on the space bar feels weird. Backlight on the keys is grayed out in spots, as if there was a film just under, but these really aren't issues.

    2) Definately alien at first.
    After 2 days, the gesturing is starting to feel normal, and even the tiny keyboard feel is starting to come around; getting Pre Thumb. Hardest part about this has been figuring out Google sync (only syncs w/ contacts marked w/ "My contacts" label, doh!) and taking a few hours to download/apply the 1.4.5 patch. Pleasantly surprised it found my ISP's Inbound Pop3 server without me specifying server details.

    3) Nice form factor
    The pebble, definately feels good in my big stubby hands. Love how it slips easily into pants pocket. The centro had an ottercase, and while I could put it into my pocket, it was a bit of a bulging lead weight. It makes me appreciate the efficency of it's design. Bigger isn't always better? Can't decide now if a bigger screen would be worth it or not, although my stubby fingers definately have trouble at small menu points on the screen. Find myself wanting to increase font / resolution some how.

    4) Feeling the hardware quality/age
    Whoever coined the term "quality build using cheap materials" got the feeling just right. Definately paranoid, untill I can get a good case on it. But at the reduced price, I feel like I can overlook the lack of some things comfortably, right now.

    5) Went out to dinner last night and already had In Laws liking it (iPhone users).

    Next steps: gotta get PreWare going..

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    A week into it and all is well.
    => Preware, a few strategic patches, DoubleTwist and DrPodder = happiness.
    => New touchstone ($15) and a agf/grt case ($43-major ouch).
    => Still tweaking away; a work in progress.
    => Where's my Skype & Rhapsody apps? (sniffle & whine)
    => Installed GPS fixes. Seems to find me @home. Still need to test.
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    next is time to overclock. Then add advanceed launcher configuration.

    then get angry birds.

    then notice you haven't looked up at anyone in weeks.
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    Was lucky 'nuf to find Advanced Launcher Config early on; Definately a top 10 app!
    Punching up Angry Birds, momentarily....

    Still a bit anxious about the overclock.
    If I refreshed the ROM (ie: doctored it), how could anyone even tell I over-clocked in the first place?
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    As I sit here w/ my overclocked, GRT cased-Shinomi'd Pre, playing Angry Birds and just taking a quick call, checking my schedule tomorrow, answering an IM & then going back to a paused pod cast, I just realized.. there's no going back now. Just so much more elegant then my iTouch or the neighbor's Droid - or even my venerable old Centro. OK, maybe some of enhanced PIM functionality is lacking and maybe if I had planned it a bit better and waited I could of worked a Pre 2 out of a return deal.. but am not unhappy at all.
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    I told you ;-)
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    Sadly, I only got 5 months out of this first unit before the network radio went out;
    Feel's like my first right of passage.

    Luckily, Cust Service swapped it out for a new one.
    How many more will I go thru before the Pre3 is out, I wonder?
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    Gone to digital heaven:
    ..Palm Pilot M100
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    ..Treo 600/755
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    Wow, from the thread graveyard!!!

    I started reading this thread as if the whole thing were current today and could imagine everyone being so happy to see that you just bought a Pre+. LOL

    What really made me wonder was that I didn't think that you could by the Pre+ anymore...
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    Welcome aboard!
    My first smartphone was a Pre. I love it and webos. I hope I never have to change to another platform.
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

    Pre, Veer and now iPhone. Since HP killed WebOS.
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