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    Whenever I open a website or refresh the facebook app on Ev-Do or 1x on Sprint, it takes at least 15 seconds before the network icon changes from dark gray and lights up letting you know data is being transferred. Is there a way to reduce this, for lack of better words "latency"? I find it frustrating to wait 15-30 seconds for my phone to finally start transferring data only for the page to load nearly instantly afterward.

    Has anyone else had these problems (especially with facebook)? If so, what have you done to remedy it (if anything)?
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    Do you have any patches installed which might be affecting data? I can't think of one off the top of my head that would cause this though...

    However I've never had this problem, EV always comes on right away for me whenever I'm in EV range, but from what I can remember it doesn't go 'Dark Grey' unless I turn it off, which makes me suspect a patch to help battery life, or maybe some configuration you made in the phone such as the 'EVDO speed-up' suggestion or changing the EV Revision type.

    However, if it doesn't seem like something you've done, it may be a tower issue in your area and might be remedied in time.

    The only thing else I can think to do is try a Dr. and see if it fixes the problem, if nothing else it would reset everything to see if it was some configuration causing a problem.
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    sometimes it's just a glitch. I have the same issue from time to time and I just go into Preware and restart Java.

    that usually fixes my connection issues, but the problems are very rare.

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