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    Enter Your Serial #:

    Download WebOS Doctor for your GSM Phone which should download WebOS 1.4.5.

    Install and you are all set. I have 1.4.5 on my AT&T Palm Pre.
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    Are you not aware that 1.4.5 has officially been released for the AT&T Palm Pre? All you have to do is run Updates and it will give you the option to update to 1.4.5, there is no need to use webOS Doctor.
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    My Pre Plus came to me UnLocked, I'm in Costa Rica, I was wondering is there is a risk of it becoming LOCKED after the update?
    It is supposed to be "factory unlocked", I put my SIM and it had signal, but it got stucked on the welcome screen so I had to use WegOS Doctor and when it was done the Pre Plus was still unlocked.

    I just got the update yesterday, but I didn't install it fearing it would locked my phone.

    UPDATE: the phone installed the update on its own, and it is still UNLOCKED :-D
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    if I use the webos doctor 1.4.5 on my att palm pre plus(it's unlocked now),
    will it be locked after I finished the process?

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