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    my phone defaults to just charge when i connect it to the computer, and it never gives me the option

    i tried a hard reset but that didnt help
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    i dont have preware on my phone
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    If you began having the issue after remote unlocking your device or attempting to.... Here's the solution.

    Go to the call screen and type #*usbpass# (#*8727277#) and press call.
    The next card asks you to enter a usb passthrough code.
    You need to download a keygen (see attachments)
    Enter your pre's serial number (go to device info on the pre) and click ok on the keygen.
    The code generated is your usb passthrough key.
    Enter the password to get to the next screen.
    Make sure all the options (ACM USB PORT, USB PORT 1 ect...) are all set to none.

    Should be all set. I just went through the same issue.
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