Good morning

I have a Palm Pre with various patches and I recently bought a touchstone ans it's working very well.

When I put my pre onto the touchstone, the lock screen appear with the hour and it's OK, but I want to dim the light from my pre because it's too clear in my room, but I try the brightness patch to reduce to 5% and it's not working, I can't install the patch, it's not succesful!! it's but because I don't know how to install, I have Preware and all the other patches I try, installation is running without problems.

The question is, How do I do to reduce brightness of the clock in lock screen when it's on my touchstone?

I have Mode switcher and the only thing I can do is to turn off the screen when on my touchstone, it work, but that not the effect I want, I love to have the hour aside my bed but it's too clear in my room.


It's a great communauty here and I come here everyday to see all the posts.