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    Hey Everyone,

    So I was experimenting with getting Navit working on my Vzw Pre+. I copied a 2 gig map file to the internal USB drive of the Pre. I actually got Navit working but somehow adding that large file totally broke my music library. Now when I bring up the music app, I just get the spinning circle forever.

    My first thought was it had to scan that large file; so I let it sit overnight. But 7 hours later it still had that spinning circle. I also tried Music Plater Remix, and I get the same thing, but the text "rebuilding music library" appears at the bottom.

    So I deleted the 2 gig map file from the internal drive, but it did not fix the problem, I still can't get the music app to load or work (still get the spinner.)

    What can I do to resolve this? Should I format the internal memory? I really don't want to use webos doctor to fix this if I don't have to...

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    restart. it's probably because you added something in usb mode and previously added music in media sync or via itunes/doubletwist/whatever.

    i get that when i add a mp3 by just using windows exlporer or finder in mac
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    Try hooking it up in USB mode and copy an mp3 file over, see if it reindexes properly. And maybe try rebooting your phone if you haven't.
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    Duh, I should have tried a reboot before I cried for help. That totally fixed it, thanks to both of you for your suggestions!!
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    I had a similar problem yesterday with pReader. I tried to add a new book and it kept spinning, although, I could swipe back and return to the library and read books. After returning home, I rebooted could add a book again. It's always the most satisfying solution, but it often works.

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