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    hello .. Ok so I own a palm pre it's no longer connected with sprint but I have google voice and wifi at my house and many other placed I tend to find myself at... I signd out of my email a while ago.. I forget why now... But point is I can't conect my email now that I don't have servece... Before I'd still get email even after I closed my plan... I was wondering if there's a back door way via comand line or something to make my email work again

    hard ware... My creen and the area arounf the silver button has spider web like craxks vary small fine lines...
    the ones on the screen are more of a line pattern.. I know this means I need a new pre.. But I was wondering how much longer this one will hold up?
    as I'm scared to buy a used on ebay
    I have this one vary nicely home brewd and it runs smooth as anything...

    one issue... Sometimes.. Lest onces a day my screen flashes crazy colors... I play with the buttom and it fixes this issue... ***?
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    umm.. Bump lol
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    thanx but... I'm not sure I read anything about it makin my email work again... Will it?
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