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    i had to get my pre replaced because my speaker went out or something, so I was trying to reset my pre back to factory settings. I did a full reset or erase, whichever they call it. After it was finished I turned the phone back on and it still has that robot screen come up from preware (the lunar restart I think its called) how is that still on there after doing a full reset that is suppose to erase all files, apps, docs, pics etc.?

    I tried to by pass the setup screen to see if i could just do a manual erase of it before i sent it back to my carrier but I cant even bypass the screen without setting up a palm profile (i also cant do that because its no longer activated with a network)

    any suggestions? tips? help!
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    Ok... I think you had a theme installed. After you did the full erase, the phone erases settings, and maybe even usb files, but it doesn't restore the original firmware files that had been modified by the theme.

    Go to , and follow the instructions to get the webOS Doctor program for your Pre model, and it will wipe out everything and leave your phone in factory state.

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