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    Hi All,

    I'm from Australia and have just received my Pre Plus from It's an AT&T model from the states, therefore it's QWERTY and does NextG (850).

    Just wondering if anyone can give me any advice as to what I should/shouldn't be doing in regard to having the App Catalog available to me?

    I've done some reading othrough the forum here re the above issue. Some posts indicate that I need to "activate" it in the country I want the app list to come from (unfortunately this isn't an option), others mention once the country "metadata" is written to the phone you cannot change it, hence why I am writing this post and want to get it right.

    As of yet I haven't turned it on or put in my Telstra NextG SIM.

    Is there a a definitive guide anywhere as to how to initially use/setup the phone so I get the most out of it in regard to the App Catalog.


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    Thanks very much for the reply Guy.

    Does this mean that I even though Ill activate here in Oz I'll still get access to free apps (if there are free apps - i'm coming from Android/iOS).
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    By reading these forums. Not the exact wording, just my take on it

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