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    How many users are using the Palm pre for work use.
    What apps are you using or just emails use only?
    How is it doing.

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    I use it for business, but it isn't only for business.

    I don't use many apps outside of the included ones (email/memos/calendar/phone) on a day today basis, but I find the ability to multitask during a conference call priceless. I don't have to take notes separately. I can do it on my Pre and email the results to my business account.

    I also use the (free for Sprint) Telenav service to get to meetings.
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    I use Tasks a lot as it syncs with my exchange tasks. email obviously, BFG maps for nav purposes and the LIRR timetable app (limited in usefulness to my Long Island to NYC commuting).
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    I use mine for business and personal (60/40 split). Syncing 2 Exchange email accounts (awesome), 2 gmail, & 1 AT&T account.

    I also use ToDo Classic, the BoA banking app, and the browser for accessing work sites. I also use Google Docs and ZumoDrive for accessing documents and spreadsheets I need for work while in the field. While at the same time, play music/movie or a game if I have a few minutes without having to close any of my work files (simply incredible).

    Really.. I use a combination of many apps every day... that's what is awesome about this OS... everything works so well in the field for business. So much better at multi-tasking for business use than any other OS on the market!
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    you find ToDo superior to Tasks? can it sync with exchange or the web?
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    My Pre has been amazing, I have 3 exchange accounts, 2 gmail, and 1 yahoo.

    I use Radio Hibiki, notes, google maps, tasks, the browser, and calendar the most.

    The Calendar has been outstanding with all the accounts sync'd. Without the Calendar I'd be screwed.
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    I use for business and personal. I mainly use mail and calendar. I have 2 Exchange, Gmail, POP mail setup. It's not too bad, though could be a bit faster, but I get things done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Courousant View Post
    you find ToDo superior to Tasks? can it sync with exchange or the web?
    The ToDo Classic app is great. I use it to keep weekly project reminders organized (easier than using the calendar for this stuff). It doesn't sync with anything, but you can export and import files via email. In preferences you choose 'export' and it opens an email with a tododatabase.xml file attached.
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    I use the built in apps for contacts, email, and calling. I also use Done! to sync with ToodleDo (which automatically receives my tasks from work).
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    there is now no PDF viewer that works. Its no where near business class yet.
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    I have one exchange account for business and a gmail account for my personal email. I use the calendar to manage my appointments and have a view of all of my personal committments and business meetings with synergy. I sync my contacts phone numbers, etc so I can easily contact them via the phone by typing their names. I use bfg maps and sprint navigation for finding my meetings. I use messaging for texting my business contacts and zumo drive to access many of my critical files when I don't have my laptop with me.
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    What's wrong with the built in pdf viewer?
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    I use it for both as well. Mostly using built in apps. The syncing of my calendar alone is fantastic. As far as PDF viewing: I'm looking at one as I post this. (using 1.4.5 update)
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    Have owned over a dozen windows mobile phones, including every HP phone and several HTC models.

    The Palm works very well for exchange synch and calendar appointments and reminders. I probably review over 100 emails per day on the phone, replying to a few of them. I usually have over a dozen appointments/con calls to keep up with per day. I find evernote to be very useful to take notes during meetings when I am away from my desk.

    For personal use, I use accuweather, free feeds, ap mobile, and web browser. Of course I use a cornucopia of patches from Preware as well. I especially like Govnah - I am an endless tinkerer and I like the running graphs

    I do miss voice command and microsoft office commuinicator - surprised they haven't been ported over or reinvented somehow.
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    I would use the phrase "business use" loosely in my situation. I manage a restaurant, I use it for emails, also I use Twitter and Facebook to keep our customers up to date on specials. I text a partner of ours that delivers food regularly too.

    My calender has my schedule in it, very helpful. That's it for the most part.
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    I am a heavy exchange user with e-mail, calendar, contacts. 75-100 e-mails a day on heavy days.

    I am trying to get OCS setup with the plug-in but I haven't gotten it to work yet. This is one of the last pieces of the puzzle for me. It would be sweet to get it going for business IM.
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    it is my work phone, heavy use of calendar/contact/email.
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    The Pre is my business phone. I depend on it for contact management, calendar & email. I sync my desktop Outlook to my Pre with CompanionLink.
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    We got 14 Pre Pluses (Pres Plus?) for our organization having evaluated what was available from Verizon based on the criteria from my users (web and email) and our (IT) main criterion of ease of use, since lots of functions + a terrible UI = shiny bauble. Happy to say that the only complaint so far is from a user with rather large hands.

    Attachment to Exchange takes only a couple of minutes and I provided simple step-by-step instructions to our users to reset their Pre since a recent conversion from Exchange 2003 to 2010 made the devices a little wonky. Saw stuff like multiple Inboxes and some devices just stopped receiving email. Removing and reattaching the device sorted things out.

    Also of particular interest to me was the Palm Profile function as that provides a rolling backup of the device configuration. I can't force people to sync for backup and now I don't have to. Each device's profile is attached to a dummy SMTP alias based on the user's title that all belong to a single profile mailbox controlled by IT. This allows us to centrally manage device-based purchasing in a small way since there's limits on what can be done for personal use with the devices for tax reasons. The other general benefit is that when someone retires any apps purchased will roll to the next user so we don't have to repurchase anything if possible.

    The value of the Profile function has already been proven and I only need a few minutes upon receipt of a replacement device to get that back to the user fully-functional. Palm Profile isn't a total backup a-la iPhone+iTunes so you lose text message & call history, application prefs and local files (music, photos, etc.), yet the Palm Profile has been good enough to ensure quick turnaround. All I do is punch in the dummy account's password and the profile restores itself, asks for the user's proper Exchange, gmail, facebook, etc. account password(s), then reboots and starts automatically syncing Exchange data and downloading any previously installed apps.

    Now as far as apps go we're not yet using any so the transfer of apps w/ the device upon retirements (or whatever) is strictly speculative. People have plenty of free apps installed and we're not restricting that, but again for tax reasons there's limits on what we can do with the devices for personal use so purchased apps will be limited to those necessary for direct business purposes.

    Compared to my personal iPhone 3GS I find the Pre's messaging & Exchange integration is a bit smoother overall. The notification system blows the popups on iOS out of the water and since I tend to carry both phones at all times I find myself gravitating to the Pre for most stuff except web browsing & games since I can't buy games and there's no easy way to sync bookmarks with a PC.
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    The battery life is what bothers me the most from a business use perspective. You can't really get through a heavy-use day. Contrast this to my work-issued Blackberry, which I can f'ing abuse and still get 48 hours out of it, that's a big difference.

    That being said, the ease of multitasking and just performing simple tasks like calling or IM'ing someone are WAAAAAY easier to do on the Pre so I find it infinitely more productive to use. I still have not found a good solution for syncing Tasks to exchange. I did download "Done!" and have actually found it pretty cumbersome to use (I just need a reliable reminding system dammit!) so I'm back in the market for something.
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