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    Not mentioned here as of yet are the travel tools, flight aware, flight predictor, different weather apps, open table, where. Great for use on the road. But if you use Verizon the GPS is somewhere between worthless and marginal, depending on phase of the moon, location, and time of day.
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    I would use it more for business if my company's IT Department would allow our Exchange emails to be pushed to the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SmittyD View Post
    I would use it more for business if my company's IT Department would allow our Exchange emails to be pushed to the Pre.
    +1 here. But I have a secondary account from the university with which I have a joint appointment.

    I use mine 50-50 work/personal. I like the way I can have both aspects of my life together in Calendar and emails. I use Task for my simple personal lists, and I also use ToDo Classic, which I use for all my work deadlines and reminders.

    I travel a fair amount, but mostly by air. The hobbled VZW gps is an annoyance, but most times I can get away with simple Google Location services, such as finding nearest restaurants, etc. If I need real location, I can usually fire up the real gps in about 3-4 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SmittyD View Post
    I would use it more for business if my company's IT Department would allow our Exchange emails to be pushed to the Pre.
    Likewise. I'm also having Palm work out a glitch, but I can also use our web-based electronic health record on the Pre, which is quite handy when I'm out and about. Probably 70-30 personal/work. That would definitely change if I could use Exchange directly in the Mail app.
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    I use my Pre Plus for personal and work use. Obviously, the email is the most frequently used bit on the phone for work stuff. Sometimes, I'll consult Google Maps while chatting on the phone (with a WiFi connection, of course) to get addresses for folks who cannot find them otherwise. My employer provides me with a cell phone, but it's dormant--I have all calls forwarded to the number on my Pre Plus. Works very well in that capacity.
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    I've been using my Palm Pre as a work phone ever since it replaced my Palm Treo 755p. It's always been syncing to my Exchange, GMail, and IMAP and i've used it as my primary GPS with Sprint's Telenav service. It's been great for travel also with the weather apps, flight tracking, and the alarm.

    It also helps that the bluetooth audio works great with my Ford Sync system. I can listen to Dr Podder, skip tracks on Music Remix, and pause when I need to.

    I'd recommend the Palm Pre to anyone as their work phone, i'd also recommend a second battery.

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    65/35 work & fun for me. 6 mail accounts, 4 calendars, and several thousand contacts syncing daily. Exchange tasks are my bread and butter and how I respond to most issues daily. I'm responsible for 8 mil in infrastructure (950+ servers and over 2800 users) My iPhone and Droid colleagues can't keep up with the Pre and I love the dirty looks.

    I used to bang out contracts, SOW's, and invoices on my Centro but I don't do much of that these days so no real impact on the missing doc editing. I just tether the laptop if it comes to that. 6 of the 14 Pre's I've "sold" was a direct result of watching me work.

    I had another sale today but I told her to hold off until I know more about the next device before she uses her upgrade. Pre + biz FTW.
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    I'm a rather heavy business user 50-100 emails a day and tasks. I also use it for personal use with a whole variety of apps including a number of games. I recently attempted to use an Android phone that was provided by the company. After two weeks I couldn't stand how slow and clunky it was and I switched back to my pre and haven't looked back. Hoping for a phone with a little larger screen from Palm/HP and a little better battery life, but other than that, webos is just about perfect for business use.
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    I run an IT services company and largely from my Pre. Number one app on my launcher bar? Bill My Time. It may be a bit documentation soft, and there might be a feature here or there that you'd like to see, but the way it sits right now, it's a rock-solid tool I depend on as much as my cable tester. Also down there on the launch bar are email and calendar, because I need them both throughout the day, everyday. The calendar is syncing up to my Google account which then syncs in to my Thunderbird email client. Email just syncs across everywhere all the time. it's sorta like magic, or fight club. So don't ask.

    Other apps that get front page billing include Done! because I has to has my task goodness with me all the time, and it has to be right. The mothership, Toodledo, is amazing and the two work together great. Trapster also get front page love. I drive a lot. Trapster is my friend.
    Device menu Megamix gets some BIG love on how I get thru my day. This patch let's me tweak my power usage all day depending whether I'm around wifi or not, long trip without a charge...... I have ways to mix and match all those and more and still have battery left at the end, thanks to this sweetness patch.

    After all this there are a couple Tech specific tools on my Pre that actually help directly with work. Those are Subnet Calculator, because no one wants to do that crap in his head, and the other is Network tools that lets me do pings and traces and other nifty things from both on the inside of a clients
    network, and from the outside.

    And even with all that heavy lifting, my Pre still handles being my lil social superstar buddy with all sorts of apps and music. This phone sadly can't be delegated to the "work" or "play" corner. It runs them all.
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