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    I sent this in to P|C via the "tip us" form, but no one's posted it.

    So, the New York Times has this series called "Screen Test" which is basically just an actor's responses to various questions (which aren't heard). William Shatner's is located here:

    Ugh! I only have 6 posts so I can't post the link. I'm sure there's a reason for that rule, but jeez!

    OK. If you want to see it, go to "video" dot "nytimes" dot "com" and type "shatner" into the search box. Should be the first result.
    *END EDIT*

    In any case, about half-way in (around the 2:40 mark), his phone rings and he answers it. Yep, it's a Pre. For some reason, I got totally psyched when I saw this.

    "Drag up to answer", indeed!
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    is this the post you were talking about? William Shatner uses a Palm Pre - Palm Blast!

    I believe it was talked about and want to say someone disappointed that he uses the stock ring tone.

    I'm looking forward to the new TV show he is going to be in and it looks like the show will air on CBS, Thursdays at 8:30 pm Eastern/7:30 pm Central beginning September 23, 2010.
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    Uh...Yep. Weird that I hadn't seen anyone talking about it. But, then again, I've never seen that site. Guess I'm too P|C-centric, eh?

    Ah well. Thanks for that, though, sinime.
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    P|C already reported on "The Shat" and his Palm wielding....
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    OK. I'm a putz. Missed the P|C posting. I was on vacation. Ah well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by circadia View Post
    OK. I'm a putz. Missed the P|C posting. I was on vacation. Ah well.
    No's a fun little video. Some of us have lives (like you) and can't be here 24/7. :-)
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