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    My earlier post

    So quick catch up. Brother ripped his pre in half in a fit of anger. Found a pre plus on ebay with a chunk missing on the top half. Here is the story on what happened from there.

    So the package arrived two days early. Never a bad thing. Thank you USPS

    Took it out. Here's the Pre plus with the chunk missing

    Don't know what hit it but it hit it hard.

    When I saw it I was scared it wouldn't turn on but low and behold it lives!

    My brother's rebuilt Pre frame next to the bitten/smashed Pre plus

    If you want some photos on how to take these things apart look at ifixit. They have much better cameras than me and the machines are identical in the steps to take them apart. However here's some photos they don't have.

    Pre and Pre plus com boards compared. the Pre plus is the one on the right with less foil over the metal covers. What the foil is for I have zero clue.

    Pre Plus and Pre Memory/CPU boards compared. Pre on the top. Pre Plus on the bottom. They are so amazingly close to identical on the outside. Granted underneath all that metal is double the ram and flash memory. Also a very minor tweak. These boards are held on by plastic tabs. The Verizon machine has less tabs to allow the board to be removed easier. Very welcome change.

    So what needed to be done? When my brother ripped his phone in half, on top of ruining the slider he broke two data cables the phone uses. One cable linked the communications board to the memory/cpu board. The other cable linked the volume rocker, speaker phone, power button, headphone jack, camera, led light, and the ringer switch to the memory/cpu board. The cable that links the two boards is just that. A cable with two connector ends. However, the other cable only has one connector on the end of the mem board. From there the cable goes down to the bottom half of the phone where it becomes the board where all those different components lie.

    Here's a photo of what I'm talking about

    By breaking them he broke all of those components with the exception of the headphone jack and the speaker phone since they disconnect at a later stage. So the plus had to have those two cables intact. Because it turned on, I tested them and thankfully everything worked.

    So from there I did a quick swap. I placed the mem board to my brother's phone into the screen of the pre plus and the mem board of the pre plus into my brother's display since that would be the final display due to it's lack of huge hole on one side. I then used the parts from the Pre plus to reassemble my brother's phone in order to get it reactivated and on my account. I put everything together. Plugged in the power cord and pressed the on button and prayed.....


    I called sprint up. Had the phone moved to my account. Watched my HTC Hero lose access to the network with pure joy and moved on. From there I installed internalz, found the folder containing all the tokens, made a copy, and put the copy in the media partition. I put the device in USB mode and downloaded them to my computer.

    I then followed these instructions to set up the modified metadoctor that would prep my new pre plus to run on sprint.

    From there I took my brother's pre apart again. I then began building my Pre Franken Plus. I used the memory chip, sliding mechanism, touchstone back, battery, data cables, headphone, and speaker from the pre plus, and I used the com board and display from my brother's phone. I put it all together, plugged in the usb port and fired up my modified metadoctor. But will the metadoctor take?


    Full success. The pre plus activated like a champ after following the instructions listed earlier.

    Now lets have a tour or my very unique device. When closed it looks identical to a regular Pre.

    However once the machine is opened you'll notice right away that I don't have the sprint keyboard on this bad boy. I have the pre plus keyboard.

    Now in that photo you'll notice that the gesture lights are on in a strange way. This is a product of the Pre plus internals with a Pre shell. the phone has no idea that it's running on a machine that doesn't have the new center gesture light and instead has the older button system. What you see is the gesture area trying it's best to display the commands it's being given. I call it the demon eyes. I personally like.

    Closer look at demon eyes and my pre plus keyboard.

    and here's my final pic of the phone showing off my incorrect branding on my phone. The mirror is part of the sliding mechanism and my brother's slider is way beyond repair so verizon on the back it is.

    Finally some impressions on the difference between the two machines. Night and day. I installed the ghz kernal on this machine and nothing can stop it. It's liquid smooth. It never stutters, and I never worry about how many apps I have open anymore. The weird random pauses that I used to always have where I had to wait for the phone to finish thinking are at least for now a thing of the past. Over all the machine definitely runs a lot smoother that my old regular pre running at 1 ghz. This thing is simply amazing and the most satisfying mod of any device that I have ever done. I am very proud of the end result. I now have in my mind the perfect smart phone. Android and iOS cannot compare to the power behind this thing. And trust me I know i've compared em. I'm an owner of every OS.

    Edit: Fixed the sizes of all the images.

    Edit 2:Fixed broken images
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    Nice! I've wanted to do this but my phone works perfectly as it is.. So I don't really wanna mess anything up. But I really do want twice the RAM and storage!
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    wow... just... wow. awesome man, kudos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    When it's slid open, does it still wake up when you press the centre button?
    Cause if that's the case, I think you just made a better device than Palm did!
    yes it does.

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