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    I would like to see an iden ptt for sprint nextel. one that can stick together.
    Or i would like to see a guide into turning a palm pre from cdma or gsm to iden .
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    iden ptt is awesome. Iden phone, text and data sucks.... Plus I believe the chips are much bigger as evident by the larger size of most nextels. Though I believe it's not as much an issue anymore. What we need is a different way to use ptt (not 3g) that will work good with sprints network. Maybe when 4g comes out? I miss my beep beep, but don't miss texts coming in days later or lots of dropped calls. Iden also has crapy data. Maybe a 4.3 nch device with iden + cdma? (large screen means more space for chips)
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    Some like it, some don't. I actually have to carry an extra Nextel phone just to keep in constant contact with other contractors on my job sites.
    Sprint Nextel Motorola i1 Android Smartphone Information Center @ Smartphone Edition is what we were supplied. I believe we're going to switch over to Boost & their Blackberry's to conserve on monthly cost.
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    uhh. the boost blackberry works on sprint's CDMA towers and doesn't have ptt. just saying.
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    PTT DirectConnect is totally possible without any additional hardware. Sprint just needs to allow it and the software developed. There are a few non-motrola phones out on Sprint that use CDMA cell and interoperate on iDen DC. They use iDen over rev.A evdo using a technilogy called Qchat. That's the same way verizon does ptt but Sprint Qchat can handshake with iDen as well. Why they don't pimp this feature....I don't know.

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