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    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has ever seen a replacement housing for the pre? I cant seem to find one anywhere and mine is all scratched up!
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    It includes the digitizer/screen, so you'd have to replace the entire thing.

    Your best bet is to find someone on here or Ebay that has a broken one or maybe one with a bad ESN that they are selling cheap. It's usually cheaper than just buying the replacement part, which can be $100+.
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    You can find Sprint Palm Pre front housings here:

    OEM Palm Pre Front Housing

    It is not part of the digitizer/screen.
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    Mine is scratched all to heck too. The first case I bought (Body Glove) caused the problem. I kept it in the thing all the time, but either the case scratched it up or something got down inside the case that did the scratching. I thought cases were supposed to help you AVOID scratches!

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