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    I noticed a few days ago that when I hit the App Update, my Pre indicates there are updates available. But when it brings up the complete list of installed apps to show which one(s) have updates available, it doesn't show any apps ready to update. It's almost like the "stuck patch problem", only this is apparently with an app, not a patch. Little more than an annoyance, but still, clearly something isn't right.

    Fast forward to this morning, when the 1.4.5 update becomes available. I download and install it OTA, in the off chance that it will magically fix my problem, but no joy.

    So then I figure I'll just Doctor the Pre, wiping it clean, and that should solve my problem. Went to the Palm site, got the Verizon Pre 1.4.5 Doctor... still no joy! Even with a bare bones stock Pre running a fresh Doctored version of 1.4.5, I'm still getting this false indication that there are app updates waiting for me, but when I go to see what is updatable, nothing.

    Am I missing something?? Clearly, wiping and doctoring wasn't the solution. HELP!! I can't stand the sight of my stock patchless pre much longer! I need to fix this app update problem and get my patches back on this thing in a jiffy
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    There's like 15 threads about this topic. Search next time. Thats how I found your thread because I was searching the topic. You know what, here is the link, click it.

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    I get that problem too. I don't pay it no mind. Forum member HardbeatZ as a fix for that. Send him a private message with your palm profile username, and he'll let you know the name of the app(s) that as an update ~ that's no longer installed on your device. Note: He's a Palm Employee. ^_^

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