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    OK I've searched here and Google but all I get is stuff on WebOS 1.4.5 nothing on the Installer or Doctor??

    I'm on Verizon and even the WebOS Internals website wiki doesn't show a Doctor for 1.4.5 for Verizon???


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    It usually takes a little while for the newest Doctor to be available. Since 1.4.5 was just released for Verizon, you'll have to wait. It should only be a couple days or so.
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    I did this this morning- it's available on the Palm site. Go here:

    Put in your serial number (it's in the "device information" screen) and it will let you download it.

    EDIT: Here is the direct link:
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    OK thanks guys.

    So now I'll have a generic Pre Plus until I can get a 1.4.5 installer?
    Or is there a way to get PreWare & themes to install another way?

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    NM I'm a dumba$$
    Dev Mode was not enabled.
    It's now enabled.

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    LOL ya. Thanks you guys.

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