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    Ok before anybody states the obvious im not hte best speller so heres my question....... For sometime now when i try to send a text out to more than one person it doesnt work. At first i tried to reboot and battery pull but none of that worked. SO my question is ....... has anybody else had this problem if so please please help cause this is annoying. thanks in advance
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    I've never had this problem, but I've never tried to send to more than 2.

    Some more information will help people come up with ideas to help. Do you have any messaging patches installed? Can text these people individually?
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    1. You have to start a NEW text message in order to send to more than one person.

    2. Option 2, copy the first text using the copy and paste method.
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    no patches and I always start a new text .... I'm a peewee football coach and texting the parents is always easier and I can text them one on one but multiple would so much easier
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    Hrm is it any combination that does the trick or just certain contacts


    Texting Sam, John, and Bill fail. Texting Sam and Bill fail, but texting Sam and John work.

    It could be a specific contact that is causing the issue, other than that it sounds like a larger problem may be going on.

    Standard troubleshooting

    1. Make sure none of the contacts have *82 in front of them
    2. Try restarting the device
    3. Partial erase device
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    @hardbeatz i have tried the combination thing and its just wierd i dont know what else to try
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    There is a free app called MultiMessage Lite I believe that will work.

    However I can send to at least 10 or 12 people at the same time...yeppers I'm a forward texting fool with crapola. LOL
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    ok here is a list of patches i have to see if any of these are the reason

    multi mod
    youtube download
    facebook chat spoof
    unhide dev mode
    unthrottle download
    hide quick launch bar
    device temp warning
    and im running 500/800 screenstate

    hopefully something in all this is the problem

    edit i was just thinking that the contacts phone number are on my yahoo profile and i know it says u cant edit the phone numbers on a yahoo account. i dont know if thats the reason or not but just sayin
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