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    I recently wiped my PalmPré and wanted to start afresh without any of my apps on it. However, as I am sure everyone but me knew, all my old app started downloading right away. I had to manually go in and stop the downloads and then delete the ones that got through.

    How do you wipe the PrPrPré $without$ $it$ $trying$ $to$ $download$ $your$ $purchased$ $apps$ $and$ $possibly$ $not$ $attempting$ $to$ $sync$ $to$ $accounts$ $such$ $as$ $email$ $and$ $facebook$. $If$ $I$ $wanted$ $it$ $to$ $be$ $just$ $like$ $it$ $was$ $before$ $I$ $wiped$ $it$.......$why$ $would$ $I$ $wipe$ $it$ $in$ $the$ $first$ $place$?
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    One thing worth mentioning, I know you can wipe just the Apps & Data, but there were other issues with the OS that necessitated a full wipe.
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    Well if you just want to do a full fresh start you could probably just create a new Synergy account?
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    Launch the Backup app, turn OFF backup, select "Turn Off and Erase Backup" when prompted.
    Not sure what effect this will have on your purchased apps, but probably not a good one.
    Prior to doctoring, you may want to delete anything you don't want, perform a manual backup, then doctor, instead of deleting your backup profile. Unless you want to repurchase your paid apps.
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    Just talked with Palm support and confirmed that there is no way to stop the Palm from re-syncing your apps on any level of a system wipe as of this date.

    I put in a feature request so that you can choose to re-download the apps you want.

    Also confirmed that your purchase history is tied to your Palm profile, not your phone backup so even if you have the backup off and deleted, it will still try to sync your apps.

    How annoying for the OCD like me who likes to wipe things every once in a while and only re-install what I want. haha.

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