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    So today I noticed theres some rainbow discoloration in the bottom left corner of my palm pre plus' screen so I did the touch interactive test with the green blocks to see if I had any dead pixels or if effects colors on the screen. It doesnt just noticeable when the screens off and its sometimes there more or less depending on how hot it is I think??? Should I be worried or is my phone fine since its only when the screens off and it doesnt effect the colors on the screen
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    do you wear sunglasses? If so take them off.

    polarized lenses do this.
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    When the screens off?

    Are you sure it's not a dispersion of light from your screen protector?
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    lol I dont wear any glasses and I have no protector on it its just like a rainbow spot it dont effect the color of the screen but its noticeable when its off its smaller when its not hot but ony gets to a certain size when im using it and its not the relflection of light off the screen because its in the same spot at different angles and positions I cant see it if im looking straight at the screen but at angles its soewhat noticeable and it only reall covers the corner
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    .... Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

    Somehow your thread title put "Rainbow Connection" in my head...
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    anybody wit some helpful advice?
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    Mine has this toward the upper left as well, under certain light. There is no problem as near as I can tell, just seems to be some deal with the screen. I don't notice it until it's in the perfect lighting.
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    thanks verwon! Rain just stopped and I seriously just had to update the twitter and facebook with that lol
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    thanks klemy same deal with mine glad I'm not the only one and its good to see its just like mine can only see it at certain times
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    Is it scratched? I have a couple line scratches in my screen and sometimes you can see light make them into rainbows.

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