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    As a Palm die-hard dating back to USRobotics and the original PalmPilot I have had my share of upgrade problems, but have always managed to overcome them. My quandary now is that I would like to keep using my Lifedrive at work and my Pre Plus everywhere else. I would love to sync my old Pocket Quicken and Epocrates. The Palm desktop required for the Lifedrive (4.x) is incompatible with the one required for syncing the Pre Plus on Classic (6.x). And both cannot be on the same computer simultaneously. Is there any workaround for this?
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    I remember that Pimlico Software home page has a Software called PalmHotSyncSetup, which allows to use Desktop 6 with all older Palm-Devices.

    The Software is freeware, maybe You test this. I haven't tested because my old Palm TX and my Palm Pre sync with Desktop 6

    Regards Ralf
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    Wow. Thanks Keimix. That may be the answer to my dreams! Will I be able to go back to Desktop 4.x if it doesn't work out?

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