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    i noticed this problem about a week ago, one of my classmates tried to send me a text, never received it, i watched him send it... i tried to send him a text the airplane never appeared... went to contacts tapped the sms balloon for his cell no text window, tapped the sms balloon for his home phone text wiindo comes up fine... so i deleted the contact, started over, still the same thing... had a text i sent to him a while ago in my box so i went to it, i was able to send the text but i still never received a response from him... so he has an iphone 3gs, i do have other contacts with iphone 3gs that i can receive texts from, and half my contacts are on at&t... any one else with this issue
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    Yes, many. It's a known issue. Only fix is to doctor.
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    not doctor. . . A partial reset shoulddo
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    i was having this issue with multiple contacts...everytime i would add a new contact i would have this issue with that contact. i doctored multiple times, it fixed the issue for that contact but then started doing it again when i added a new contact. i did a partial erase and i havent had the issue since
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    The problem is with how the contact is saved. Doing the following steps will cause the bug to appear.

    1. Call a number by entering it in the Dial Pad.
    2. Select the number from the Call Log and send a text message to that number.
    3. Save the number as a contact from the Messaging app.
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