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    Hi all, i live in Ukraine. Me wonna worked internet, but at QPST doesn't write password for ppp-connection)=

    HDR AN AUTH User Id (LONG): 048743****
    HDR AN AUTH Password (LONG): 0a1b2c3d <= ESN

    Help please!!!
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    QPST can do write the password. what you mean can't write? if you mean the user ID & password field on AN tab blocked by black color, you just need to press ctrl-d (if I'm not wrong) to make it available to write.
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    User ID & Password field is unlocked, but when i write and read, my pass deleted)=
    Sorry badly speake english!
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    The password once written it is gone if you click read. But it already inputted. so you no need to worry about that.
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    Ok, but 1x & EVDO doesn't work...)= voice, sms work. And Firts use app doesn't activate phone, maybe this is trouble?

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