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    So I recently got a pre last week and I loved it. I've been reading about over-clocking and homebrew and all that but never really understood it. Thanks to this site I was able to over-clock it to MHz and wow such a difference. I was skeptical at first thinking it wasn't going to change it that much but just opening apps and such is so snappy. Thanks everyone in the precentral community. Looking forward to contributing to the forum.
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    Welcome! If you're like me, you'll find several instances where you wished the phone had a particular feature and either come here to search or dig through the patches in Preware to discover that your wish has already been granted. The homebrew community here rocks.
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    Welcome Kassdog...
    Thanks for joining one of the best forum around. Preware is your phone's best friend.

    See you on the forum.

    Cheers. ~
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    hello and welcome

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