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    I love palm. I had a touchstone and it wasnt charging my phone, so I bought a new touchstone back cover (my old one was beat up). It didnt work so I chatted with Palm about it. And after some small troubleshooting i see the following message pop up:

    "I see you as a loyal customer of Palm and would be glad to ship you replacement touchstone."

    Boom done.

    That is really what makes me a loyal customer, besides just liking the way they do things.
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    sweet. I had a problem with my centro (i think that was the one, had a few palms) years ago mind you.
    it wasn't charging up all the way and the connector on the charger was a lil iffy it seemed, but I tried with another charger I had and same deal. Palm customer service was really nice and said well since your a loyal customer i'll send you a battery, since I said I had extra chargers. The rep kept saying well if there is a problem with the charger I can send you another.. Yadda yadda yadda. Anyways package arrived with a battery, charger and that battery charger thing!
    I too love Palm.
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    I should try this too seeing as how my touchstone won't charge my phone anymore

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