We all know what big features we need/want in 2.0 (or 3.0), but what quick, easy things are missing/left-out that could be quickly added? I'm not thinking about the big, x.0 features, but the little ones that were either missed, not thought of, or buggy.

Ability to export data.

Scrollable address field in event address.

Ability to add events/contacts from vcs attachments, etc. in email.

Birthdays from Facebook.

Ability to create new external accounts when setting up calendar, email, chat, etc., instead of first having to create them externally, then syncing to them.

Better built-in apps (book readers, feeds, music player, media player).

Some sort of desktop sync, or even links to common third-party tools (doubletwist, Missing Sync, etc.).

In events, have the Location field include a drop down to previous/recent addresses or GPS co-ordinates, or contact locations, etc.

In general, probably most patches (or issues related to patches), many bug fixes.

Any iOS or Android features that can be easily "borrowed?"