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    I have 2 email accounts on my Pre. The Windstream account has 2 additional folders, both of which are listed as folders on the Pre. The Verizon account has 1 additional folder which is NOT listed as a folder on the Pre. I'm using the IMAP prefix, not the POP prefix.

    Has anyone else been able to add Verizon account folders to their Pre?
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    Have you checked to make certain that smart folders is turned on for the settings in that account on your Pre?
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    In email preferences & accounts, under smart folders, I have "All Inboxes" ON and "All Flagged" OFF. I turned "All Flagged" ON but it didn't make any difference.

    I do have 3 email patches installed:
    (1) Vibrate to 2 seconds
    (2) Enable Landscape Email
    (3) Adds a move-to-folder button with popup in email messages

    Could any of these patches be causing the problem?

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