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    In January 2010 I bought 2 German GSM Pres on Ebay France, 1 new & 1 used, and I'm now sitting in Israel.

    Luckily for me, the used one had been activated in Germany and so I have access to the (German/DE?) App Catalog on it.

    I gave the new Pre to my wife after activating it from here in Israel but unfortunately for my wife, she has no access to the App Catalog.

    I have seen a few other threads here on Precentral where other GSM Pre owners have been complaining about similar situations but I haven't seen anyone talk about whether it was possible to fake/reset the relevant settings to get access to the App Catalog.

    Is this possible? Would it also be necessary to create a new Palm Profile using a different email address?
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    Once the phone has been activated, there is nothing you can do. There are no work-around's for that one. Sorry. The threads you have seen here on P|C are for unactivated devices and do not work once the phone has been activated.
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    Thanks for that, both of you. It sounds like activation is tied to the hardware itself, and that's not something I'd want to hack.

    Has anyone heard anything about when Palm will open up the App Catalog to other countries?

    What about using Preware 1.3.6 to download an app via a direct url? I heard about that but haven't tried it yet.
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    There is no work around for it - trying the Preware route will just kick you over to the App catalog.

    Haven't heard anything about the catalog opening up to other countries... but because HP is a global powerhouse with deep pockets, I wouldn't be surprised if they addressed that when they release the updated OS and new hardware.
    I wouldn't expect anything to happen soon as it takes time to set that stuff up... and I certainly wouldn't expect a catalog revamp until they start releasing tablets. At that point they would be able to rebuild the catalog to support multiple devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Yes, to the phone's IMEI.

    No news.

    That just opens the App Catalog for that particular app.
    Actually I don't think it is IMEI. From experience with working to convert my Verizon Pre to Bell, I think it's actually in the tokens, specifically the ones starting with AUTH.

    If you're interested in experimenting, I have an extra set of US tokens from the bad ESN Verizon board. You can try loading that via Meta-Doctor to see if you get a US catalog.
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    Thanks for the offer.

    Would I need to use a Verizon Web Doctor jar or would I just be modifying the GSM European one that I would otherwise use now?
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    I don't know it legal or not but you can backup ur apps on ur Palm pre that have access to ap catalog and restore the apps to ur wife palm pre that have no access to app catalog. There is a Backup utilitty you can find and download from Preware ...

    or you can root ur Palm pre and copy the free downloaded apps and transfer them to ur wife palm pre.

    do you purchase apps from ur palm pre app catalog or just downloa the free apps only?
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    amjz- thanks for the suggestions. I just want my wife to have access to the catalog, so she can decide what to download, paid or free, but it's a good point that at least there are ways I can transfer some stuff to her Pre via mine.

    GuyFromNam- I agree that giving someone else access to your paid apps - without author permission - is piracy but I don't see what the difference is whether the transfer is direct or by logging in to profile A from Pre B.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Of course it's legal to log into your profile on a Pre with apps, buy the apps you want, and then log onto another Pre (without apps) with your profile, and redownload your apps.
    You paid for the apps, and Palm allows you to download these to your app-less Pre. Simply because these are linked to your profile and legitimately purchased.
    It's a bit of a hassle though...

    Copying app files to other Pre; that's quite another story and it's called piracy.
    Let's not encourage that. Palm is already doing all it can, to encourage that.
    thnx for explanations ...
    but copying free apps is called piracy? i mean if my palm pre can access app catalog, and i downloaded some free apps from it, and using SFTP or Internalz i copied those free apps from my Pre to my PC, then using jason "ipkg Packager" pc software to repackaged those free apps to an ipk files. then using jason "WebOS Quick Instal" i install them to another Palm Pre device that have no access to app catalog. is all that legal?

    in other way is it legal to share free apps that found in app catalog?

    im lucky that i can access app catalog and recenty i used my brother credit card to buy some paid apps coz im in a country that not supported to use my local Credit card ...
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    i wish that palm make app catalog avaiable for all countries

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