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    Hi guys! You read the title correctly.

    I got a refurbished Pre (I'm with Sprint) a couple weeks ago and when I got it all up and activated, it had some pics in it of what appear to be the previous owner's friend/girlfriend/self in various compromising positions.

    Oops, right? Aren't these phones supposed to be wiped clean before they're sent out? It didn't have ANY other data in it other than that and some random Atari screen shots (assuming from an emulator). No music, no phone numbers, etc.

    I notified Sprint about it (for sake of keeping this kind of thing from ending up in some kid's hands) and the numbnuts tried to have me do a full erase on it as if I couldn't figure out how to delete the stuff myself.

    Anyone else ever had this happen?
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    pics or it didnt happen lol
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    I agree.
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    share pics, or it didn't happen...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhicks01 View Post
    pics or it didnt happen lol
    lol agreed
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhicks01 View Post
    pics or it didnt happen lol
    excellent first post! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutz View Post
    excellent first post! LOL

    thanks, i felt this was a topic worth breaking my silence
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    how do you know it was his gf?? What if SHE was the owner??? You never know... Well unless they were titled "my gf" lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhicks01 View Post
    pics or it didnt happen lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
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    oh man....rofl
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    good stuff!! lols
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    Too funny lol.
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    If you post the pics, then maybe another P|C user will recognize someone (perhaps themselves).
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    Heh... I expected the "pics or it didn't happen" posts. Sorry, but they were gone as soon as I found them.

    My wife was sitting right there with me when I found them. Couldn't just hide 'em either, cuz she owns a Pixi and knows better!

    And I have no idea if it was someone's wife/girlfriend/whatever... may have just been some amateur shots from the web of one girl that he must have... REALLY liked.
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    You should call Sprint now and claim that the pictures warped you.
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    Call Sprint again, but this time use your Crank Yankers Wandy Sykes voice.
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    What if she/he wasnt even cute. Your all just asking for it. I hope she/he was 200+ lbs.
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    Let me set some minds at ease here, and possibly terrorize one mind if he happens to see this.

    You're a N.E. Patriots fan. You have a twin bed in your room and you have a sunburst Fender strat (possibly American, but I can't tell for sure) on a stand in the corner at the foot of the bed.

    Everyone who isn't this person can exhale now.
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