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    I have the virtual keyboard on my pre as well. Mainly just because I was curious. The ONLY time I use the virtual keyboard is when I text something short to someone and don't want to pick up my Pre off of the touchstone. I hate onscreen keyboards and will never have a phone without a physical one. I also had a centro before the Pre so I never got the whole "crappy keyboard" thing. I seriously hope the next Palm phone has a physical keyboard or I dont know how I'd feel about it.

    And just typing in general. The option button and the upper case buttons make it easy to type without having to switch the whole keyboard to one set of options to another. And shortcut keys are always there. I really dont know how people prefer onscreen keyboards.

    Also, a good thing about the physical keyboard is playing the emulators (nes, SuperNes, VirtualBoy) These games would be impossible without a physical keyboard. Probably why phones like the iPhone dont have these or aren't very popular (at least to my knowledge). Just a funny side note, my brother in law (who is an apple ******) was telling me that the app catalog is bigger and all. I told him, well if you add in all the nintendo, super nintendo and gameboy games I can play, Id say that beats you. lol

    edit: why was fan boy edited in my post? lol
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    Pre-sized keys with the Pixi keyboard feel would be heaven.
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