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    I originally thought this was a touchstone problem, and looked through that forum. The only close match I found was a discussion about cycling. However, the problem occurs even when the phone is off the touchstone, so here I am.

    My Pre was dying, and I was able to get a replacement from my local Sprint store. Took it home, downloaded the latest OS, let it reinstall everything, and went back to enjoying my phone again.

    Tonight I noticed that when the phone was on the touchstone, the screen would dim, and then it would go to the clock, but almost instantly the screen would return to its normal brightness. And if I take it off the touchstone and turn off the phone (well, not the phone, but press the button on top to make the screen dark), it turns back on in a few seconds.

    Is this a common problem? Any advice appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSH View Post
    Ok, I'm wondering if you really having a problem, or it's the normal functionality of the phone settings. Check in screen & lock and see if your brightness is set to 1min, if not adjust it to that. The phone screen goes dark after 1min of inactivity, whether on the touchscreen or not. That's normal.(Unless brightness is set lower or higher) Sometimes while on the touchscreen or not the screen will become bright if touch, message, or email is received. Ps. Also make sure there are no patches that would be causing this.(I doubt it though)

    Good Luck.
    Thanks for the reply! The brightness is set to 1 min.

    If the screen is on, and I press the button on the top of the phone to turn the screen off, the screen comes back on almost immediately. The touchstone may be a red herring ... it's where I noticed the problem, but the problem happens everywhere. When I went to bed last night, I had my phone in my bedroom, charged to 100%. When I woke up several hours later, it was down to 41%, because the screen wouldn't go off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSH View Post
    Do a reset and log back into your palm profile. That will fix any issue that's going on with your phone.
    Ps. Located in device menu.
    best of luck.
    I had done a shutdown in the middle of the night when I noticed the battery power was going, but the problem remained in the morning. I just did a simple reset, and so far, so good ... it seems a bit more sensitive to the kinds of things that turn the screen back on, but, fingers crossed, nothing awful.

    I didn't log back into the profile, or rather, I wasn't asked to ... if there's an auto-login choice, I'm sure I took it.

    Again, thanks for your assistance and patience. Much appreciated!
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    Spoke too soon ... problem has returned.
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    My pre plus starting having the same issue the other day as well... def. did not happen prior 1.4.5.

    At first it seemed hardware related, like the power button had become ultra sensitive, but after a few days of observing it, I am leaning toward software. I am going to Doctor today if I have time and will report back.

    Also it seems as someone else has seen this too: (I can't post links, so manually fix this url)
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    Well I was wrong..mine was a hardware issue. Doctored and still there.

    To test the hardware theory, I removed the plastic push button for the power switch, then I removed the contact from the power switch. I then (very carefully) took the contact from my "lower volume" switch, and moved that to the power switch. Replaced plastic push button, power button works fine. Of course now my lower volume switch doesn't work, but I can live with that till I get a phone for parts from e-bay. At least my battery won't run down all day.

    If my phone was in better shape, I would try for warranty replacement, but I have no chance.. it's pretty beat up!
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    Mine does this...but I only notice it (occurs) when the battery is low. Same for you?
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    hey bud i had same thing happen to me a while back it was a patch or service that was to an app that was removed once that service was killed all was good check that

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