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    1. i have 1.4.5 installed can i still install the 800mhz hack and is it worth it?

    2. Is their a program where my contacts can use facebook profile pics?

    3. and what are the must haves and dos for the pre?
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    Hi miguel11691, and Welcome to the P|C forums!

    Answers to your questions:

    1) Yes you can install one of the Overclocking kernals (such as the Uberkernal) along with the Govnah app (both available in Preware). It is very much worth the couple minutes it takes as it makes the device so much faster and smoother than the stock setting.

    2) not sure as I don't use Facebook - but another member can answer that one.

    3) The number one must-have is Preware. Installing Preware opens up the ability to download patches and themes to customize your device to your taste, along with offering hundreds of Homebrew apps for the device.

    Here are a couple of additional links for you to take a look at where all of this has been discussed for new members:

    Good luck and again - Welcome!
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    For #2 install the Facebook app and your pre will pull your facebook contacts and sync them
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    you actually don't even have to have the facebook app for your friends to sync in your contacts and there pics come up on caller ID. i didn't have the facebook app for a while, and they always came up. (unless my memory has gotten seriously messed up recently...) it's just another awesome part about synergy. when setting up your device, it will ask for log in info for gmail, aim, facebook, etc., and after you enter your name and pass, it should all be gravy.

    edit: hey xbox, did you ever enter FB info in the set up part before getting the app? i wonder if maybe not, and that's why adding the app made the difference? or, maybe i'm off, idk.
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    just set up your facebook account like you did a google account. It will link the email addy with the facebook profile. it's awesome
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    There's also a patch so that you can FB chat through the messaging app.

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