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    I live in a really spotty area for my services (from Bell Canada le sigh). Anyways, my phone basically only works if it's by the window. I have installed a few home brew apps and patches and I am fairly new here. I was wondering if theres a command with the terminal or app.. or anything really that will allow me to use my computer to send text messages from my phone. I know it's a pretty crazy question but I've lived here for 3 years with no improved service, it really gets to you.
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    You should be email messages as SMS to your phone.

    I have a Google voice account and just text my real cellphone number.
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    Not sure if you can get google voice in Canada but I use google voice to do most of my text messages.

    I visited Bell Canada's site and found this for you.

    Bell Mobility Web Messaging This site allows you to send text messages
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    Whoopsl, didn't notice the Canada part.
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    each phone number should have an email address to text from a pc.

    for verizon it would be (replace the fake number with the person's cell phone number.

    other carriers should be able to do this.

    in your email you can set 'reply to' your and heir replies will come to your phone as a txt message.
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