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    I'm considering switching from my Sprint Treo 700p to the Palm Pre (yes, better late than never).

    Do the phones selling today (9/11/10) come with the original WebOS release installed and it will install OTA all the updates one at a time until the current release??

    Or does it come with the original WebOS release and jumps directly to the latest release??

    Or does it come with the latest WebOS pre-installed - no updates necessary??

    I know the original Pre had problems with the screen blanking out/flickering due to battery contacts and the battery drains too fast. Have these two issues been fixed?

    Regarding the screen blanking out - did Palm redesign the battery door or battery contacts? How was this issue resolved?

    Regarding the poor battery issue - what has been done to address this problem?

    Any information regarding the two problems or issues I did not know about would be appreciated before I make the final commitment to get a Palm Pre.
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    i got a sprint pre like 3-4 months ago no issues

    just got my wife a pre when they had the free offer for a couple days on HP site..
    heres came loaded with 1.4.0 i had update it to 1.4.5 which isnt hard..

    its not hard to update.. just press the update app and will show if any are available ..

    neither phone is having battery/flickering issues... as with all issues.. u can search the site for battery fixes... lots of these issues are grossly blown out of proportion on this website... (any website) we cover the bad with the good...just sometimes the bad get amplified a bit more. I would say hold off a couple months if possible for new pre...i just got one for my wife since i had upgrade and here instinct finally died and HP was giving them away for free.. i wouldnt pay for a new pre for what sprint wants since were so close to a new palm phone...
    I bought mine off craigslist... worked well paid 130 dollars for a new phone(someone refurb) and didnt extend my contract... if u want a pre i would do that
    I hope that after I die, people will say of me: "That guy sure owed me a lot of money.

    Modded Sprint Pre: 3" pulley s/c, i/c, 1.6 rockers, xp cam, slp headers, 3in exhaust, res/cat delete... oh wait wrong forum... ummm pre has lots of mc patches and a xtra mhz, ghtz, and chigglehertz
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    Yeah, you don't have to install each update separately, even if you get a phone that is far behind. They kind of compound, so it would just have you install the latest.
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    The best way to find this out it to buy one and try it out for 30 days. I have a feeling you will love it, and you will find that most of the alleged "issues" are not drastic. But, if I were you, I would hold out for a month or so. New hardware may be around the corner. And, if you don't wanna pay for the new hardware, I am sure Sprint will drop the pre's price even more after new hardware is announced.
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    it will always give you the latest update available on that network. just go to updates and install it never downgrades you. but you will always have to install the update...

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