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    Can you guys name any?

    Like Gameloft's Real Soccer 2010 Which supports: English, Spanish, Protugease, and french.

    How about N.O.V.A., or Sandstorm?

    Or NFS Undercover, or Asphalt 5

    Oh, and Angry Birds! Does is support Spanish?!

    I'm in Mexico, and I want my cousins to be able to play some games...
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    Note that just because theyr'e available in Spanish doesn't necessarily mean that you'll find them in Mexico's app catalog (or vice versa). Your best answer is to open up Preware and start browsing: it lists supported languages and country for each app.

    to Asphalt 5, Modern Combat: Sandstorm, y N.O.V.A.
    No to Angry Birds y NFS Undercover

    Bear in mind the large number of simple games out there that either have no text/speech or where it's totally unnecessary to play the game. Angry brids is one of these. The level titles are in English, but that's it.

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