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    I've been using pReader on the Pre for a long time now, but the selection at eReader has gone into the toilet recently, so I decided to give Kobo a try and I bought a book. My problem is that whenever I exit the book (either closing the app or just going back to the book list) and re-open the book, it puts me back at page one.

    How do I get Kobo to take me back to where I left off? Also, the menu bar at the bottom pops up briefly when I open the book, so I suppose I could set a bookmark, but when the bar disappears I see no way of getting it back.

    Really about to give up on Kobo here. Any help?
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    Just tap and *hold* the page you're reading and the menu bar will re-appear. Then you can bookmark the page you're on. Note that bookmarks are not automatic ... you have to manually do it before you exit. Also, you need an internet connection to set the bookmark.

    I've read several books using the Kobo reader and have generally really enjoyed it. Not as full featured as the pReader, but the selection, price and customer service has been quite good.

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