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    Of course, it's a 18 month contract paying about $55dlls for a 500Mb capped plan, 200 minutes and 50SMS, but still nice.

    The plan is unlimited internet, but capped to 128k after 512Mb. Curiously enough, I've been running at full speed for 3 months and they haven't capped me. I don't know, and I won't ask them

    The only issue is that we're still at 1.4.0.

    Oh, the evidence, sure
    About time, @palm Prē free on @Telcel Ya era hora! on Twitpic
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    Hey NuttyBunny, thanks for this Post - I'm wondering if you could help me - and possibly other potential PRE customers in Mexico - by giving me some details of how and where I can access this Telcel offer....for a FREE PRE! I couldn't find it anywhere in the TelCel website - what do you have to do? Go to a store? if so, which one? I'm in Guadalajara by the way. Hope to get more details from you soon - thanks y muchisimas gracias!

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    You just should go to a Customer Telcel Center (Centro de Atención a Clientes), it's for a 18 month contract.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    You just should go to a Customer Telcel Center (Centro de Atención a Clientes), it's for a 18 month contract.
    When you get there, you may want to ask: When will Telcel begin offering folks in Mexico the "Palm Pre Plus"?
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    I think they'll skip the Plus and go directly to whatever next phone Palm brings out :P

    I don't mind, I really love my Pre, the memory might me a little tight, but it does the job, and does it wonderfully

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