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    Hey PreCentral,

    So i could get a Pre + from verizon for free and Im really thinking of committing to it however IDK if the extra money for data is worth paying or if the pre is a good buy given aging hardware and rumors of a Pre 2 with webOS 2.0 and everything. I know the 1gz kernal will def extend the life of the device so any help you all can provide would be absolutely groovy thanks guys and gals.
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    This is a personal decision that we really can't make for you. Depends on lots of variables we know nothing about. (Your current device, how long you're willing to wait, etc.)

    But... I'm eligible to upgrade, and am willing to wait on the new device. Most signs seem to indicate new device(s) are around the corner, and webOS 2.0 is definitely close.

    Your call (sic) though. Good luck.
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    Without Data the Pre is less then half the phone it should be. I would call it practically pointless.

    As for waiting for a new webOS device....I would at this point but some may feel differently.

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    You can get it without the data plan? I didn't have that option when I ordered my Verizon Pre+. A data plan was required. I actually don't use the data plan that much as I'm very often within reach of Wifi, but I can't imagine not having it when I've actually needed it.
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    I would wait unless your rich and can get whatever you want when it comes out. Thats one of the main reasons im with Sprint upgrade every year not 2 years. I like new phones. My Pre was great but had to jump to android I was tried of waiting. but I did keep my pre its now used to jailbreak my ps3 so it lives on.I can now do it on the Evo to but rather just use the Pre for that
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    it is not available without a data plan. the OP was just asking if it was worth the extra dollars to move from a phone without a data plan to one that requires it.
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    I was actually thinking about doing the same thing and getting a Pre plus...but I'm hesistant to burn an upgrade on it with whatever new devices will be released in Q4 of 2010. I'm thinking about buying one used.
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    wait imo...
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    A brand new Palm Pre+ is worth less than the dollar value of your upgrade (which is why HP is giving away stuff with them). You'd be better off using your upgrade for a Droid X, selling it on eBay, and using that money to buy a Pre+.

    You can get a used Pre+ in decent shape for pretty cheap. That's what I did for my parents (Pre- on Sprint), and we'll save their upgrades for when they either decide they don't like it and want something else or they get the next webOS device.

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