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    Hi, my at&t palm pre plus wont play 90+% of my 5 GB mp3 libary(Only have the songs that is not on spotify. I've tried manual file transfer and songbird. Music player(remix) aswell. My whole libary plays perfectly on my 1. gen iphone.

    EDIT: Any clue whats wrong? Suggestions?
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    what were they encoded with? What bit rate are they?
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    Did you buy these from itunes or are they unprotected?
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    They are unprotected, and i do not know they were encoded with. Some of the songs is reported as 128 kb/s some at 219 kb/s. Many of those who doesn't work does not get properly recognised by windows/wmp, they play without any problems, but the progress bar doesn't move because windows/wmp does not know how long the song lasts.

    Opening any of the bad songs on my pre, makes both music players crash. The program does not freese, but i cannot play any of the other working songs.

    The problem with the songs is new(both in wmp and on my pre), i have used these songs for years without problems.

    I just tested with songbird 1.8, and every song works perfectly, duration and progressbar works! Strange!

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