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    My Palm Pre is receiving messages but putting them in the wrong conversation log, leaving me having to guess who they are actually from!!

    Any one know a solution for this??

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    check and see if you have the same number listed for multiple contacts (like a common number for their business or home number).

    I've seen it grab the "first" name it finds with a number even if there are others with the same number. I had to remove all the "main" numbers from any company where I have multiple contacts so that it only sees their direct number. not the optimal solution because I still don't know who is calling...
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    Thanks for the reply Cantaffordit but that doesn't seem to be the problem. The phone seems to receive messages under the wrong contact name- messages from one person are appearing under the name of other contacts, with no common number between them. Sometimes messages from two people are mixed together into one SMS! Very confusing! Matbe it's down to the carrier (I'm on O2 in the UK). Has anyone else seen anything like this?!

    Thank you in advance!
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    have you checked to make sure that Synergy hasn't "linked" the contacts in the contact app? I've seen people report that periodically. I have the issue with facebook because I have two FB friends with exactly the same name, and somehow Synergy can't tell them apart even though they are both already listed in my webOS contacts with the names purposely spelled differently. I just manually unlinked those two contacts in the contact app on my phone, and the problem was solved. It means I have an extra contact in my phone that looks like a duplicate, but I just ignore it.

    If that doesn't help, I suggest that you send a PM to HardbeatZ and he can connect you to the right resource in Palm support. He is fantastic, and Palm Support is great once you get beyond the tier 1 scripts and reach someone that really knows webOS.
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    I'd guess that your phone has improperly linked several different contacts. Mine did this to me, when I resynced my profile, after I had doctored. Go into your contacts app and check which ones are linked to each other. You can easily tell if the little picture icons are stacked like there is more than one. It will do this even if you don't have a pic for that contact. If there are some that should not be linked, you can manually unlink them.
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