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    I have an interesting page that renders on my pc, on some android phones (but not most) and barely on an itouch 3rd generation. It is not one I can point you to as it is a private site that requires a login that I cannot give out.

    It seems to use dynamic html and iframes. On the itouch and android browsers, it typically cannot determine the correct size of the page and cannot resize correctly, showing some info but some is often missing.

    my palm pre will not show the page at all. when i log in, it will not show almost anything. it seems to not even display the most simple elements of the page. how can i diagnose this better?
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    time has been kind for this page for both itouch and android. 4th generation itouch renders it well (although not perfect). ics and jellybean both render it well, including jellybean on my hp touchpad. webos still cannot render it well. is there a way to trick the site into thinking it is a different browser so it can work? anybody had any good luck with the alternate browser from preware? i have not bought it but might if it is likely to resolve this.

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