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    When I played Need for Speed and asphalt 5, I found: the car is always automatically turn to the left, the mobile phone must be left up about 30 degrees to maintain the car moving forward.

    I need the softs which can correct the system of gravity, but I cannot find.

    I would like to correct my pre gravity system.
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    Try as we might I don't think the Homebrew devs have yet made a patch that can muck about with the forces of gravity :-)

    The Pre has an accelerometer (likely what your referring to). There are some patches that do a thing or two to it but not in the way your referencing. Nor does webOS have a way for the end user to calibrate it. If your Pre's accelerometer is malfunctioning I would suggest returning it to the place of purchase for a replacement.
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    Thanks a lot!

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